Ships Sale & Purchase

Argonia Holdings has been transacting ships since 2003.

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Harbor Maneouvres

Argonia Holdings manages a twin screw azimutal tugboat Blue Sea III with a 36 bollard pull that operates in the Caribbean.

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Ships Dismantling

The company has two delivery destinations for dismantling of ships in the Caribbean.

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Recycling and Exports

Argonia Holdings exports ferrous metals including HMS 1/2, Naval scrap,and non ferrous like Copper, Brass, Aluminium and others.

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Tug and Barge Operations

Argonia Holdings has recently entered into the business of moving bulk construction materials such as sand, gravel, rocks, blocks etc. into the Caribbean islands.

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Argonia Holdings S.A. is focused on the following service categories:

Harbor Maneouvres.
Ships Sale & Purchase (including repairs, previous to last voyage to dismantling facilities).
Ships Dismantling (the company has two delivery destinations for dismantling).
Recycling (including export of Steel and Metals Products).
Tug & Barge Operations.
Special Projects.

Argonia Holdings S.A. has been doing business since 2003 in the Caribbean and South America. The Company Mission is to be a proactive business enterprise that focuses on Caribbean and Latin American operations utilizing the correct mix of personnel and resources that provide solid financial returns.

Growth through careful evaluation of the environment and seizing opportunities in a timely fashion is what differentiates the Company from the rest. Recently Argonia Holdings S.A. has created its Dominican Republic branch to deal mainly with ships recycling and maritime operations activities.


Ships Sale & Purchase

Harbor Maneovres

Bahia Honda facility

Ship Dismantling

Tugboat Blue Sea III and barge Mover

Tug & Barge Operations



Specials Projects

Special Projects

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